Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2nd Treasury in a Week!!!!

My key and heart necklace, that I just listed this Sunday in my Etsy store, has been chosen for a Valentine Treasury. I am so happy my jewellery is being noticed. Now if I could just find some buyers......;o)

The treasury is available for viewing until Wednesday evening around 10 pm. They are posted for just a few short days. There are some really nice pieces of jewellery featured and when you click on the pictures, Etsy is able to track the number of views. This brings the artisan to Etsy's attention and then hopefully one day, that Artisan will be featured in a gift showcase or on the front page of Etsy (every Etsy artisan's wish). Thank you to Eluna Jewellery for including me.


  1. ok sister I need that piece but with a blue or red stone. Hey how about it??? Mia

  2. More lovely jewelry. You have a keen eye for making these neat pieces. I will keep you in mind for future use.


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