Friday, April 2, 2010

Pink Saturday-Easter Weekend

Welcome to Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Be sure to visit Beverly's blog for all the links to the rest of the Pink fanatics.

In today's busy life, do you find your mind is going constantly? In my case, family, job, jewellery business, family, laundry.... A friend who does yoga calls it "monkey brain". Your thoughts are swinging everywhere. I found my quiet time with God was turning into a battle of keeping my mind still. So very frustrating. So I decided to make myself a strand of Prayer Beads.

I choose freshwater pearls because pearls symbolize purity, innocence, faith, and honesty. I used Swarovski crystals in Pink because, well if you haven't guessed, pink is my favourite colour.

Using sterling silver wire, I hand formed the Cross. Then I put it in the tumbler for hours to strengthen the wire and make it shine.

I hold the beads in my hand, running my thumb over the pearls. Oh how it has helped to calm me down, to still my mind, to allow me pray, to let me listen.

I want to say thank you to my sister, Rebecca for understanding my vision before I did! Love ya, sis.

Happy Easter everyone. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Oh, Nancy you did a wonderful job. Now I can see myself with one.Love you too, Rebecca
    Happy Easter For He Is Risen!

  2. This is simply's just perfect.
    Happy Pinks and have a most lovely Easter..

  3. "Monkey brain"??.. Oh, you mean there IS a name for it?!!.. Well, yes, this condition is exactly what I have TOO!!! Oh, it's GOOD not to feel alone with such a thing! (0; There are others like me!!... I LOVE your beautiful prayer beads! Very pretty, and so nice to have with you all the time, in your purse or pocket!... Happy Pink Saturday, and wishing you and yours a blessed and very Happy Easter! ~tina

  4. What delicate and lovely pinks you found to share with us today. They are really lovely. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

  5. Love the cross, would love to have it to wear tommorrow. Have a blessed Easter.

  6. So Pretty! Our minds could definitely use some quite time.
    Happy Easter to you...xo Tami

  7. How lovely. May you have a blessed Easter.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  8. You created a very pretty piece of jewelry. A great pink showing for today. I appreciate your visit and comment.

  9. Oh my how lovely!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. This is delightful - so delicate, and such perfect timing for some quiet contemplation. A really lovely work of art!

    Happy Pink Saturday (on Sunday, sorry) and a very Happy Easter!

  11. Hi Gracie,

    That is a lovely cross, very soft and feminine looking.

    Happy Easter,


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