Friday, December 10, 2010

Pink Saturday - December 11

It's Pink Saturday!!!! Thank you to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for hosting our Pink Saturday meetings.

Every year my husband asks for some gift suggestions. I've been most helpful this year by finding pictures of the actual items.

How about this fabulous jacket by Stella McCartney in our favourite pink colour? At only $2,245. I think it would be one of those pieces that could be worn for years.

I love watches. So this Fendi watch with the pink diamonds on the dial would get me where I'm going on time, don't you think?

So now I would need one of these baubles to set off my pink nail polish. Note to hubby: please don't pick the green one!

And because I've been especially good this year-this Louis Vuitton necklace with the white and pink diamonds. For pricing you have to call them! I'm sure they'll gift wrap for free.

So what is on your list?

While you are out bloghopping this weekend be sure to stop by and visit Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix. Sherry always comes up with something wonderful to share. And then be sure to visit Anne at Phamilyblog. She has a new house she's decorating!!! How exciting is that?

Wishing you all a great weekend.


  1. wow, elegant pink outfit.

    delicate pink on bottom,
    well done.

  2. LOL! Yeah, hubby would not call to find out how oh well. Guess I can forward him to your site for some equally as beautiful jewelry!

  3. Over the top gorgeous gift ideas! May have to let my hubby go shopping with yours!! NOT!!! Oh, well, we can dream, can't we?!?!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. I could really go for a Cartier tank watch, but the Louis Vuitton neck-candy would also be a lovely addition to my jewelry box.

    Really my list is to have my family together enjoying each other as we do at the holidays!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  5. Oh my aren't those beautiful, how could a girl not feel beautiful in any of those beauties.
    Happy PS

  6. I like the green one so let me know if I need to buy it off ya! :) Gorgeous pinks~
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Christmas bracelet giveaway

  7. What great taste you have for the finer things in life. I trust Santa wins the lottery just before coming to your house.

  8. Great choices to ask Santa for...

    Hope you are enjoying this holiday season. What a lovely Pink Saturday post.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  9. I guess one of everything would no longer swap gifts. Mr Christmas Spirit just gives me the checkbook to use all year round. He's lucky I'm fairly frugal.

  10. May all your Christmas dreams come true :-). I certainly can't fault you for your taste. Everything is lovely. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

  11. I'm going to add the Fendi watch to my list!

    Happy PS!
    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"


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