Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mystery of the Earrings!

Why does everyone make a big deal when a Royal wears the same item of clothing twice?

The Duchess of Cambridge circa 2009 at a friends wedding

Here she wears the same beautiful blue brocade coat with a blue dress and blue fascinator to the service celebrating Prince Philip's 90th birthday. Personally, I like this look the best. But the whole point of this post is to point out the earrings.

Sapphire surrounded with diamonds hanging off of what looks like a diamond stud. Could these be Diana's earrings?

The drops are removable. Maybe Harry got the stud part (no pun intended!) And William got the drops.

A prize for whoever solves the mystery!


  1. There is no mystery!!! They are your creations!!! Wouldn't that be grand darling!!!

    Now do I win???


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