Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Tree is UP!

We put the Christmas tree up today. I know, December 20th and we just put the tree up. Some of my neighbours have had theirs up since the first of November. But I don't want to have to dust the decorations. We used to have a 6 foot tree but when we downsized a few years ago, the tree was downsized too. This one was a steal, $10.00 at Home Hardware. And it is so easy to put up and take down.

Here it is waiting for the offical decorator! My son has taken over this job in the last couple years. Otherwise it probably wouldn't go up.

I think he did a good job. A little bit of everything. I crocheted the angels out of crochet cotton that has gold metallic thread woven around it.

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  1. Look at the old chairs. They look like you could curl up and read. Relaxing!!!!!!


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