Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mystery of the Earrings - Part 2

Way back on June 14 I published the post below

Why does everyone make a big deal when a Royal wears the same item of clothing twice?

The Duchess of Cambridge circa 2009 at a friends wedding

Here she wears the same beautiful blue brocade coat with a blue dress and blue fascinator to the service celebrating Prince Philip's 90th birthday. Personally, I like this look the best. But the whole point of this post is to point out the earrings.

Sapphire surrounded with diamonds hanging off of what looks like a diamond stud. Could these be Diana's earrings?

The drops are removable. Maybe Harry got the stud part (no pun intended!) And William got the drops.

A prize for whoever solves the mystery!

Tamara Cohen in an article on Mail on Line, states that yes Prince William did give his Duchess his mother's earrings.

Tamara states that Kate had them remodelled into drops. Nope, I still think Prince Harry got the stud part!

Guess I get the prize! (Even though Kate got the real prize!)

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