Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting this weekly gathering of all things Pink.

This week I am sharing things my grandmother made. She was a really crafty person.

She knitted and she sewed.

She crocheted

She embroidered

She tatted

Her youngest granddaughter likes doing all of of the above, but she likes making jewellery the best!

This week it is a sterling silver and rhodocrosite necklace.

Last week Tracey from Honeysuckle and Hissy Fits joined Pink Saturdays. Just love that name. I visited her again during the week and found out we are both Cavalier lovers. Welcome to the Pinkers Tracey!

My own little Lexie.

And a special thank you to my sister who directed me to a website with the information on how to make my pictures bigger. I'll share this info if anyone wants to know.

Have a great week. I hope to visit with you all again next Saturday.


  1. How sweet your grandma made all these lovely things! And PINK! I have some but no pink! It is special that they are made by family!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Very sweet pinks! Love the crochet and the embroidery!

  3. Oh my!!!!!! All I could do looking at your grandmothers work was to ooo and ahhh. Her work is just beyond is your jewelry. It's really lovely and I love the pinks. Happy Pinks..have a great weekend.

  4. Such beautiful treasures from your grandmother.My Mom tried to show me how to tat but just could not pick it up for the life of me.!

  5. Beautiful pink for Saturday!

  6. What lovely family treasures. And, your other lovely little treasure, Lexie! She's adorable! Thank you for the shout out to my blog. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. I love the detail work on the linens. Such a nice post!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  8. Oh, tatting, I SO want to learn how myself. Just beautiful heirlooms. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. What a talented lady your grandmother was! Her work is beautiful. And how wonderful that that talent gene was passed on down to you. And that little Lexi? Too cute for words! I thought she was a toy at first. I enjoyed your whole Pink Saturday post so much.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  10. Wonderful grandma.
    All are lovely work , very talented and you got it from her.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. You do have lovely pinks from your grandmother. Such special memories for you. Have a wonderful week.

  12. Your sweet Grandmother was a very talented woman.... those things she had made are beautiful.... it looks to me she enjoyed her pinks as well. Hey can't forget little Lexie..... what a cutie pie!

    Thanks you so much for dropping by for Pink Saturday-

    Enjoy your Day*

  13. Oh, so very precious and beautiful! Your Grandmother was very talented indeed!
    I so enjoyed stopping by your blog today.
    Thanks for your lovely comment too, and have a terrific week.

  14. I love your grandmothers crafts. How precious that you have them all!
    I would love to know about enlarging pics. I am so clueless it is hard for me to get around.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. I knew I could get into big trouble by visiting a blog with jewelry in the name. I love your necklaces on Etsy.

    Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for following my blog.

    Necel from the Old House in Texas


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