Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dream jobs - someone else's job that appears so much better than your own

My absolute number 1 dream job would be this mans' job

Photo: Jeff Gilbert

David Thomas - Recently retired Crown Jeweller for the British Royal Family.
Not only did he look after the crown jewels, he looked after the personally owned jewellery the Royal family wears.

In an article in the The Telegraph UK
he tells how he once had to restring the Queen Mother's pearl necklace in a day.
3 strands of pearls, each with a knot between them, they can't be too tight nor too loose - I bet it was a very long day

David also helped Diana, The Princess of Wales design this pearl choker using the diamond and sapphire brooch the Queen Mother gave her for a wedding gift.

Dream job number 2

©Elsa Peretti Tiffany&Co

Elsa Peretti - jewellery designer for

You may not recognize her, but I bet you recognize this

Diamonds by the Yard -I'll take a couple yards please

The Bean Necklace

all photos -Tiffany & Co

Visit Tiffany & Co to see more of Elsa's designs. Or Elsa's blog

Dream Job number 3

Erika Winters -jewelry editor, gemologist, photographer

Image © Erika Winters

Erika took this picture

Image © Erika Winters

and this picture

Image © Erika Winters

along with this picture.

Recognize this jewellery?
It all belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.
Can you imagine going to bed
knowing that the next morning you are going to be taking pictures of
Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery?

To see more of Erika's fabulous pictures visit
PriceScope.com and Erika's Pinterest page

What is your dream job?

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