Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Countdown to the Royal Wedding - Diamond Earrings

Welcome to the Gracie Jewellery countdown to the Royal Wedding - Part 5
10 Days to go.

Queen Mary's Cluster Earrings
Large brilliant cut diamonds set into a circle of diamonds, platinum setting with a millegrain edge.

Queen Elizabeth wears the earrings during her 1953 Christmas broadcast, during her 6-month long tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Queen Victoria's Stud Earrings
Perfectly matched large brilliant cut diamonds Queen Victoria had set on posts

This portrait was taken in 1873. Queen Victoria was 54.

Queen Elizabeth wearing the large diamonds in 1961.

The Queen's Pear Drop Earrings
Modern style earrings the Queen had made from family stones.

Diana, Princess of Wales wears the earrings on her first visit to Australia in 1983.

Next time - Bracelets

from the book The Queen's Jewels by Leslie Fielding


  1. I am enjoying looking at all this fabulous jewelry. Can you imagine actually wearing this?
    Thanks for showing.

  2. Your Countdown to the Royal Wedding posts are amazing! Poor Queen Victoria looks so unhappy!


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