Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Wedding Countdown - Tiara's

Today we start with the tiara's. Because what is a princess without a tiara!

The Russian Fringe Tiara.
Solid diamond bars in the shape of a peasant headdress. This was a gift to Princess Alexandra from the Ladies of Society on her Silver Wedding anniversary in 1888.

Queen Alexandra of Denmark was married to King Edward VII

Queen Mary. Born Princess May of Teck married King George V in 1893.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (formerly Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon) was married to King George VI

The Bow Knot Tiara. This tiara was made for Queen Mary by Garrard in 1914, using pearls she had been given as a wedding present.

The tiara originally had a top row of pearls. Do you see the pendant pearls on her necklaces? These were some that were on the top row.

Queen Elizabeth gave this tiara to Diana, Princess of Wales as a wedding gift.

The Diamond Fringe Tiara. This can also be worn as a necklace.

It was first worn by Queen Victoria in 1839. In this painting she holds her son Prince Arthur circa 1851.

A young Queen Mary

Princess Anne wore it on her wedding day as did her mother Queen Elizabeth.

The "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" Tiara. In 1893 a committee was formed to raise money from the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" to purchase a wedding gift for Princess May of Teck. This tiara was purchased from Garrards.

Queen Mary gave this tiara to Queen Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

The scroll tiara is one of a half dozen tiara's the Queen Mother wore as the Duchess of York just after her marriage in 1823 to her accession to the throne in 1936. She gave it to Queen Elizabeth but she has never worn it in public.

Queen Elizabeth loaned the tiara to her sister, Princess Margaret in 1962

and then her daughter, Princess Anne in 1973.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother wore this tiara in the style of the day.

She gave the tiara to Princess Margaret.

Princess Michael of Kent wears the diamond tiara she inherited from her mother-in-law, Princess Marina of Greece,who married George VI's brother, the Duke of Kent in 1934.

The Duchess of Gloucester in the diamond and turqouise suite, given to her by here mother-in-law, Pricess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. These were given by Queen Mary to the former Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott married her son Prince Hnery, Duke of Gloucester in 1935.

These are just a few of the Royal Tiara's.

Next time, a Royal Lady in Pink

pictures from the Queen's Jewels by Leslie Field


  1. As a 'royal watcher' I really appreciate looking at all your photos! Wasn't Princess Margaret STUNNING! I can't wait to see what Kate will be wearing and will she have on a Tiara? Possibly a gift from the Queen???

  2. I love watching royalty too Lisa. Oh I know they are a burden to the British taxpayers and what makes them more special then the rest of us. But the whole thing is fascinating. Just imagine being able to wear all those fabulous jewels. My 2x great grandparents owned a house on the same road as Sandringham Castle and they used to watch Queen Mary and the rest of the royal family go by. I was born in the wrong generation!

  3. wow! thank you for such a beautiful and educating post. I had no idea that they had so many of tiara's.
    Again, it was a pleasure reading your post:)
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    P.S.- I will be watching the royal wedding :)

  4. I had to read through your entire Royal series! I just loved it! The family crest is truly lovely. Thank you for all your hard work on this series and for linking up!


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