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The Countdown to the Royal Wedding - The Royal Family Orders

Welcome to the Gracie Jewellery countdown to the Royal Wedding- Part 12
3 Days to go

The tradition of most royal families, Family Orders are the personal gift of the Sovereign and are given to female members of the immediate family. In Great Britain this custom was introduced by King George I, the first of the Hanoverian monarchs. Until the end of Queen Victoria's reign the Order consisted of a cameo miniature set in diamonds, King Edward VII introduced its present form of a portrait painted on ivory.

A new Family Order is established at the start of each reign; the list of those to whom it is given is never publicized. The first anyone know of its presentation is when the recipient wears the Order in public. The 18 year old Princess Anne was give the Order on April 23, 1969 and Diana, the Princess of Wales received hers in November 1982, sixteen months after her marriage. The Badge is worn with evening dress only, or on State occasions, on the left shoulder attached to a heavy moire-silk fringed bow.

The King George V Family Order was established in 1911. His Majesty is portrayed in the uniform of Admiral of the Fleet wearing the Star and Riband of the Garter and the Badge of the Royal Victorian Order. The miniature is surrounded by large brilliant cut diamonds and surmounted by a diamond Imperial crown, within which can be seen a crimson enamelled cap of maintenance. Hidden by the crown is a platinum brooch pin. The back of the Order is gold, and set on it is the royal cypher in diamonds and the date 1911.The pale blue riband bow is the same colour as that of the Royal Guelphic Order of Hanover.

The King George VI Family Order was established in 1937. His Majesty wears the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet, the Star and Riband of the Garter and the Royal Victorian Chain. In the border, baguette diamonds are placed between every two brilliant cut diamonds. The Imperial crown on top is of a slightly different design than that of the King George V Order. The back of the Order is gold as is the raised royal cypher and the date 1937. The riband bow is pale pink.

The Queen wears both the King George VI Family Order on top and the King George V Family Order on the bottom.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother wears her Queen Elizabeth II Family Order and King George VI Family Order.

The Queen Elizabeth II Family Order was established in 1953. The Queen's portrait show her in evening dress and wearing the King George IV State Diadem and the Star and Riband of the Garter. A baguette diamond is set between every three brilliant cut diamonds in the border and on top is a diamond Tudor crown over a red enamel cap of maintenance. The back is 18 carat gold with the royal cypher and St Edward's Crown superimposed in gold and enamel. The chartreuse yellow riband bow is two inches wide.

Diana, Princess of Wales wears her Queen Elizabeth II Family Order

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wears her Queen Elizabeth II Family Order

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from the book - The Queen's Jewels by Leslie Fielding

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