Sunday, November 14, 2010

Handmade Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings -Alexis

Handmade Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings -Alexis

Baroque amethyst, lightly faceted, individually hand wrapped with sterling silver hang from handmade argentium sterling silver ear wires. The amethyst are that wonderful deep purple that make amethyst amethysts.

Amethysts- 6mm
Total length- 1 3/4"

Amethyst is easily the most popular of the quartz minerals. It is crystalline quartz in shades of purple or lavender, with the darker richer colored varieties considered the most valuable. Some of the amethyst found in Russia is also very highly prized because of its strong dichroic qualities,with clear undertones of deep red. Brazil is the most prolific source of amethyst in the world today and so the most common source for cut stones on the market. Light lavender colored amethyst is often referred to as "Rose de France Amethyst".

Argentium Sterling Silver is sterling silver with less of the copper alloy. Copper is what makes sterling silver tarnish. Argentium is 92.5% pure silver with the balance a mix of germanium and copper. This makes Argentium silver harder, brighter and more highly tarnish resistant than traditional sterling silver.

All Gracie Jewellery is handmade in my smoke and pet free studio. Each piece is shipped in its own storage pouch.

#N9201 $25.00
Available at Gracie Jewellery

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