Thursday, November 4, 2010

Handmade Sterling Silver Botswana Agate Pendant-Maya

Botswana Agate in a sterling silver frame on a sterling silver oval link chain. Securely closes with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

Botswana Agate measures 13mmx18mm
The chain is 22 inch - the pendant adds 1 inch

Botswana Agates form slowly as one layer of Silica/Quartz
is deposited upon another. In fact, banding is not unusual in Agates, but the degree of banding and the extra fine patterns make the Botswana Agates highly unique and desirable.
Those famous fine lines were probably aided by the nature of the volcanic flow, which rolled in waves across the flat landscape. The area of Botswana where these little beauties are found

is rich with human and geological history. One of Earth's earliest human settlements is believed to be in the Tsodilo Hills (locals call the hills Male, Female and Child) in the
Mashatu Reserve in Botswana.

Gracie Jewellery is handmade in my smoke and pet free studio and arrives in its own storage pouch.

#N9185 $35.00
Available at Gracie Jewellery

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