Sunday, November 7, 2010

Handmade Sterling Silver Peridot Earrings - Christianna

Peridot chips hanging from sterling silver chain twist around argentium sterling silver rings. the rings have been hand formed, fused closed and then tumbled for hardness and shine. Such a refreshing shade. Sterling silver leverbacks. These remind me of the moss that hangs in the trees in the Louisianna bayou. (Alright, so I've never been to Louisianna, Sandra Brown described it well).

Total length from top to bottom: 49mm (almost 2 inches)

*Argentium Sterling Silver is sterling silver with less of the copper alloy. Copper is what makes sterling silver tarnish. Argentium is 92.5% pure silver with the balance a mix of germanium and copper. This makes Argentium silver harder, brighter and more highly tarnish resistant than traditional sterling silver.

All Gracie Jewellery is handmade in my smoke and pet free studio. Each piece is shipped in its own storage pouch.

#E1008 $28.00

Available at Gracie Jewellery

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