Friday, November 26, 2010

November 27-Pink Saturday Give Away

If you visited last week then you know I announced I had 2 pairs of earrings to give away.
And if you didn't visit last week, where were you???

And if you visited last week you may have noticed they are Pink. They sorta go with our Pink thing happening here. They are high grade Swarovski Crystals with handmade Sterling Silver Earwires. I mention that the crystals are high grade because there are lesser quality crystals sold and these aren't them.

So how can you win a pair? Very simple.....

Just tell me in 50 words or more why you should win them.

Got ya!!! All you have to do is just leave me a comment to say you were here. That will be one entry. If you are a follower be sure to mention that and you will receive a 2nd chance to win. If you aren't a follower, (shame on you!) sign on and let me know. Announce this giveaway on your blog (feel free to take a picture), let me know and you'll receive a 3, count 'em, 3 chances to win. I'll pull 2 names from my pink dish on December 1st and announce the winners on Pink Saturday December 4th. This is just my way of thanking all of you for visiting, encouraging me in my jewellery making and for entertaining me with your blogs.

And if you visited last week let me know and you'll receive a 4th chance to win! Don't you wish winning the lottery was this easy?!

Now I want to encourage you to visit Lisa at Suburban Retreat. She sometimes joins us on Pink Saturday. Right now she is having a giveaway to beat all giveaways! So be sure to stop buy and visit her. (I just might see you there!)

Thank you to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for hosting our weekly Pink meeting. Be sure to visit all the other lovely Pinkers.

Have a great week!

PS: This week we are starting to use a linky thingy and just a tiny bit of my link is showing. It is also the 13th link. Lucky 13 if you are visiting. Why? Glad you asked. Because everyone who leaves a comment gets ANOTHER chance to win! Holy Crystal Earrings Batman!


  1. I am now officially a follower! I deserve to win those gorgeous PINK ear rings cuz they would look MAH-VUH-LUS on my elder ears!! :)

    They are beautiful and I know, whom ever wins them, will be thrilled!!

    Happy Pink Sat!! dana

  2. Is this a repeat or can we enter again.hehehe...Rebecca

  3. Oh I just love pink and shiny-what a great combo-so pretty too!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday and you have a great giveaway, and surprise I do too. I think it must be the holidays in us, actually I'm having a 100th post giveaway and 100 follower giveaway and all you have to do is follow to be entered once then blog about it and put my badge on your sidebar for and let me know for 2 more chances! easy peasy! Maybe I'll win yours too! hugs and have a pinky fun week!

  5. Now I'm a follower so now I have more chances! Hugs, Marilou

  6. Those pretty pink earring will make some lucky person very happy.

  7. Hi there,
    Such a pretty pair of earrings; love the pink and the crystals together! A wonderful Giveaway! The pendant below is lovely too. You make very nice jewelery! I'm a follower. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend,


  8. Hi Gracie Sweetie...
    Oh Happy Pink Saturday, and you had me at "Swarovski Crystals". So pretty. You did an exquisite job on them sweetie.

    1) I have commented. Yipppeeee.
    2) Oh I am a loyal follower. Love, love, love it.
    3) I have happily added your give away to my scroll bar. I love sharing with my blogger friends, and I hope lots come on over to enter.

    Thank you Gracie for sharing with us. I love it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you have a beautiful pink Saturday. Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  9. Gracie,
    Very pretty.
    I would love to wear your earrings, and tell everyone how I won them from your fabulous blogsite. I'm following you.
    No, I didn't buy my painting back. I'm hoping someone else will buy it and enjoy it, even if I don't get the money from that sell. I was such a trip to walk in and see it.
    Keep inspiring,

  10. They are so pretty. How generous of you to give them away. Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Oh, I would love to win these. They are just stunning and would be fabulous for the holidays. I need something in this color. Have you noticed that with ready made jewelry there isn't a lot of great pink items, mostly wierd pinks.

  12. I am also your newest follower. Thanks for sharing this on Pink Sat. and for coming to visit me. Follow me back if you aren't a follower already.

  13. Oh my gracious those are pretty earrings. I love your stuff, of course I have one of your necklaces. Grin. I am a follower, so add me to the bowl.
    Thanks for stoppen by the Tin Shack I love visitors

  14. I love your sweet pink earrings and the design is so delicate. If you are allowing your overseas friends to enter I would love to join in please.

    Best wishes and happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Your pink earrings are lovely. Your jewelry is beautiful.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  16. Happy Pink Saturday! I'm one of your new followers and I'd love to win those beautiful pink earrings. I'm going to go put your give-away in my side bar now. Have a wonderful day.

  17. The earrings are lovely!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. did sign in to follow.
    elegant pink post.
    Happy Saturday.

  19. Happy Pink Saturday!!!! I am a happy follower, and would love to win these beautiful earrings. Have a lovely Pink day. xxoo Valarie

  20. How lucky, indeed! Another chance to win, yay!

    Happy PS,

  21. Those earrings are beautiful! You are very talented. I am now following your blog.
    Blessings and happy creating!

  22. So very pretty!! Would love to win!


  23. Hi Gracie, those a beautiful. I am now a follower..I covet these earrings, if I won I would give them to my son's girl as a Christmas gift!

    Thank you

  24. Beautiful pinks!! Love the earrings. Happy Pink Saturday!!

  25. Happy Pink Saturday!
    1. I am leaving a comment. =0)
    2. I love pink and swavorski =0)
    3. The bottom prism drop reminds me of a pair of earrings that my mom has. =0)
    Your work is fabulous! =0)

  26. Oh! These earrings are gorgeous, just the right amount of bling! Please throw my name in the hat, I am now a follower and I will post this on my sidebar, what a girl won't do for a little bling, ha ha.

  27. If I win the earrings, make them for pierced ears. No clips. They are very pretty and will make someone happy.

  28. I was a visitor last week and quite a few other times and enjoy your site very much.

  29. Hello sweetie your jewelry is beautiful! I am a new follower! Thank you so much for visiting me!
    Please don't be a stranger.

  30. I'm proud to be a new follower of your lovely blog! Please enter me in your giveaway...I would love to win the jewelry!
    Thank you so much!

  31. I am a follower! I would love to win these. So cute. Thanks so much.

  32. Happy Pink Saturday! LOL, you had me. When I read 50 words or more, I thought, geesh, that leaves me out. Now, I AM a chatterbox but no so much when it comes to writing. The earrings are gorgeous, thanks for a chance to win. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  33. Wowzer! This is a lovely set of earrings. I follow.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday celebration.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  34. Beautiful blog, beautiful earrings!

    Thank you for visiting Flora Doora!


  35. I also love that pearl necklace on your previous write ... beautiful creations.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  36. ooooohhhh those are sooooo pretty! count me in, thanks.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  37. Oh, these are so pretty, I love Pink as most people know, I love the silver with the Pink!

    marian elizabeth

  38. Happy Pink Saturday ! I hope your Thanksgiving was full
    of family, friends, and fabulous friends.The earrings are just lovely. I have enjoyed my
    visit to your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful new week.

  39. I'm back, Gracie and I am a follower now...Christine

  40. I do not wear earrings although those of yours are very pretty. Maybe if I win I will give them to someone.
    Happy belated PS and thank you very much for your comments.

    ♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

  41. Hello! Happy Pink Saturday and these are quite lovely! I would love to win a pair!
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  42. I am your newest follower!

  43. The earrings are georgeous, very pretty pink, someone will be a very lucky winner of those. I think I should win those, then I could give them to my very special sister for her birthday, they would look fabulous on her, she deserves to have something very pretty, she has four children and works sooooo hard. She's blond and blue eyes and those pink bead and crystals would look stunning on her. So if I win, that's what I will do with them, although if you put in a second pair, I'd keep one for myself {hee hee}.

  44. Hi Gracie,
    thank you for visiting. I'm already a follower - could it be otherwise with such a beautiful blog?
    I'd love to win your pink earrings: they are simply fabulous to begin with and they would definitely match well with my new hairdo.
    I'm now off to add your giveway button to my blog.
    have a great week

  45. I love these earrings!! I love swarovski cyrstals! Please enter me in your drawing. I am now a new follower and I posted your giveaway on my blog:

    Have a great day!

  46. Happy Pink Saturday, Nancy. Of course, I am one of your followers.

    The earrings are just gorgeous, and you are so generous to offer us this opportunity to win.

  47. OOOHHHH! Beautiful! Add me in please!


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