Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Saturday - November 6

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

A bouquet of roses to our hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for hosting our weekly meetings. I know she spends ALOT of time organizing this event and I want to say

Now for the show and tell part!

A sterling silver and rhodolite garnet necklace

Rhodolite garnet is a mixture of almandite and pyrope. The "rhodolite" name comes from the Greek word "rhodon" meaning rose. When you hold these beauties up to the light, a stunning display of pink, plumb, red. Love it!

Thank you for visiting. Please come again.

PS The necklace is a Gracie Jewellery original.


  1. Pretty Grace! I always have enjoyed your blog I am so far behind catching up with everyone. Between the loss of my mother-in-law this summer and this housing situation we are in! whew! Life is moving quickly. So HPS to you and enjoy the weekend! Anne

  2. HAPPY PINK SATURDAY! I have 3 garnet rings ~ one of them I was told has grape garnets! Your necklace is beautiful ... another great holiday piece!

  3. Yummy pink roses! Your necklace design is just stunning.
    Happy Pink Saturday! xo Tami

  4. Very beautiful necklace! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words!


  5. Wow, you're very talented. Those are beautiful jewelries. Happy PS

    If you enjoy meme and challenges, come by and join us for Thursday Two Questions at
    We would love to have your participation.

  6. Hi Gracie, how beautiful the roses are and Beverly's favorite flower too. She will be so thankful for your kindness.
    Today she had a yard sale that was rained out and not successful. She needs to be cheered up. Smile.
    Your jewelry is gorgeous Gracie. The necklace is stunning.
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Warm hugs, Jeanne

  7. Hi Nancy. My oh my those roses are beautiful, such a nice gift to Beverly, she deserve it.
    Love your necklace, too. You do beautiful work. I hope things are going well for you and your family.
    Sending Hugs

  8. It looks like another week of being late visiting for Pink Saturday. I loved the pink roses for Beverly and I'm glad I was able to get by even for just a short stop. Lovely necklace. Have a great week.


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